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The Distributed Generation Collaborative includes key stakeholders from five different clusters: industry, distribution companies, governmental and quasi-governmental agencies, customers, and public interest groups. Check marks next to the stakeholder names in the list below indicate to which cluster the stakeholder belongs. Other interested stakeholders are also involved in the process but have agreed to work through their cluster representatives.

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IN- DG Industry (Providers)UT- Utilities
GT- Government/Quasi-GovernmentalPI- Public Interest Groups
CU- CustomersALL - View Members of All Groups
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Organization Stakeholder IN GT CU UT PI
Attorney General's office Joseph Rogers 
Attorney General's office Patricia Kelley (alt.)
Attorney General's office Judith Laster (alternate)
DOER Dwayne Breger 
DOER Gerry Bingham (alt.)
MTC Sam Nutter 
MTC Raphael Herz (alternate)
MTC Judy Silvia (alternate)
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