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Meeting #4 (12/6/2002)
  Agenda  (Agenda) (28k)
  Proposals/Issues from CLF, MASSPIRG, UCS, and MECA  (Other) (21k)
  Utilities' revised figure 2  (Other) (73k)
  Induction Generators versus Inverter Generators  (Background Document) (65k)
  Proposed Timing Schedule - Steve Cowell  (Other) (32k)
  Proposed Figure 2 - Steve Cowell and Herb Healy  (Other) (55k)
  Proposed Interconnection Agreement - Peter Chamberlain  (Other) (28k)
  Memo on ADR - Suzanne Orenstein and Roger Freeman  (Other) (24k)
  Meeting Summary  (Meeting Summary) (194k)
  Comments from MeadWestVacCo  (Other) (24k)

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