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As a result of its Inquiry into distributed generation (DG), the Massachusetts Division of Telecommunications and Energy has ordered the establishment of a collaborative forum to examine the issues underlying DG, and how to reconcile DG with the safety and reliability concerns associated with interconnection.

The Collaborative's Final Report to the DTE is now available for download as is the Proposed Interconnection Tariff.

The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC), on behalf of the Renewable Energy Trust, hosted this distributed generation collaborative forum, provided support and facilitation services for this effort, and sponsored relevant research and analysis on issues raised during the process. The MTC hired Raab Associates to facilitate the discussions.

The overall goal was to generate interconnection standards, polices, and procedures that would be uniformly applicable to all Distribution Companies by the beginning of 2003. Accordingly, the process included key stakeholders from industry, distribution companies, governmental and quasi-governmental agencies, customers, and public interest groups.

The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC)is an independent, economic development organization established to enhance the Commonwealth’s knowledge-based Innovation Economy. In addition, MTC administers the Renewable Energy Trust, which was established to promote the appropriate supply and use of renewable energy sources such as wind turbines,solar, hydroelectric and fuel cells.

Raab Associates, Ltd. will serve as the facilitators of the collaborative process. Raab Associates is a leader indesigning and facilitating stakeholder processes on energy, environmental, andregulatory issues.

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